African amphibian draft assessments

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This page supports the 2012 reassessment of African amphibians. Draft assessments and accompanying maps for each relevant species can be found below. To view the files click on the file name and follow the instructions.


West and Central Africa Amphibians


Draft assessments for experts - August 2013 


Eastern Afromontane Threatened and Data Deficient Amphibians


EAM materials for experts July 2013.zip

EAM materials for expert revision June 2013.zip


Ethiopian Threatened and Data Deficient Amphibians


Ethiopian amphibian assessments.zip

Ethiopian amphibian maps.zip


Seychelles caecilians


Grandisonia alternans.pdf Grandisonia alternans - map.pdf

Grandisonia brevis.pdf Grandisonia brevis - map.pdf

Grandisonia larvata.pdf Grandisonia larvata - map.pdf

Grandisonia sechellensis.pdf Grandisonia sechellensis - map.pdf

Hypogeophis rostratus.pdf Hypogeophis rostratus - map.pdf

Praslinia cooperi.pdf Praslinia cooperi - map.pdf

Seychelles caecilians.docx








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