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Assessment-related documents

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Basic resources for assessment work


There are some basic documents that will be useful in the course of assessment work. These are summarized below, and you can download the individual documents by clicking on the corresponding link:


For Amphibian RLA work


1. Introduction to the Amphibian RLA version 1.0

Introduction to Amphibian RLA 1.0.pdf


For assessment and review/evaluation of assessments


1. IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria version 3.1



2.Guidelines for using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria version 9



3. Summary of criteria for threatened species



4. Standards and consistency checks for Red List assessments version 1.1



5. Useful questions to guide the assessment process

General questions for amphibian assessments.pdf


6. Definitions for congregatory and dispersive species

02_Migratory Nomadic & Congregatory definitions Feb08.doc


In addition, there is a very useful resource for mapping species distributions, the Species Mapping Tools for the IUCN Red List:



For IUCN's Species Information Service (SIS) system


1. Crash intro to SIS version 1.0

Crash Intro to SIS version 1.0.pdf


2.Instructions for using SIS offline (only to be used in those instances where internet connection is slow or not available)

SIS offline instructions.pdf



For searching and using the Red List website


1. A user's guide to the IUCN Red List website version 1.0




Shapefiles for biogeographic realms:






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